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Stone Wall Cladding

If you want to make your exteriors super stylish veneer, then you can choose stone wall cladding for

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Stone Cladding Contractors UK

If you are searching for the best stone cladding, look no further than Siera Stone Ltd. We provide t

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Stone Contractors in London

Having worked on numerous building and finishing projects, Siera Stone Ltd is one of the highly resp

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Tiling Contractors in Essex

At Siera Stone Ltd, we are committed to provide solutions to any tiling or stone project – working

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Tiling Services For Bathrooms

If you are looking for tiling in your bathroom, then you are at the right place. Siera Stone Ltd is

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At Siera Stone we offer a bespoke residential tiling and stone service. If you’ve got an idea, we

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We have built up great relationships with all our suppliers. So which ever material, colour and size

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All tiling works are expertly finished to a very high standard, and all of which is professionally m

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Substrate preparation

Our skilled craftsmen are experienced in all forms of sub base preparation. Screeding Self-Levelling

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We offer free Tenders and Consultations. We can offer advice on various forms of your tiling project

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Tender Documents

You can now upload your tender documents directly to us. These will be instantly delivered to us by email and we will get back to you within 48 hours. If you get stuck at any time please call on 0208 945 5788 or email:

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Our Projects

Siera Stone Ltd have installed numerous vanity units and worktops over the years. Here are just some example of what we have done, from the simple brown marble with standard edge polish, to the most intricate islands with double thick, detail edge polishes. Values: £3,000-£10,000

Miller’s End

Another tiling and stone project to a very high end property. Siera Stone Ltd installed 600 X 600 porcelain tiles to the kitchen, living room, utility room, hall way and downstairs WC. We also installed porcelain tiles to 3 bathrooms and made good a bathrooms previously installed by another tiling company. All the tiles consisted […]

Ceaser’s Cottage

Siera Stone Ltd commenced the works to this £14m property in November 2012. After lengthy discussions with the client and contractor, and visits to Athens to approve all the stone, Siera Stone Ltd took stock of over £200,000 of marble and onyx. The project included the entirety of the ground floor in 900 x 900 […]


This project was undertaken by Siera Stone Ltd for Artemis Interiors. First stage was the ground floor Toilets and Kitchen area. This consisted of over 80m2 of 50 x 50 matt black mosaics to the walls and floors with all joints following through. The kitchen was a very simple 15m2 of 100 x 300 white […]

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